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From the Archives

BY SEBASTIAN ENCINA, Museum Collections Manager, Kelsey Museum of Archaeology The Kelsey Museum’s newest exhibition, Less Than Perfect, is now open to the public and available for viewing. With this show, curator Professor Carla Sinopoli has demonstrated how not everything … Continue reading

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Bug Busters

BY CAROLINE ROBERTS, Conservator, Kelsey Museum of Archaeology Conservators at the Kelsey Museum wear many hats, and one of them has a scared-looking bug printed on it. That’s because in addition to documenting and treating objects in the collection, Suzanne … Continue reading

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Ugly Object of the Month – September

SUZANNE DAVIS, Curator of Conservation   Money, money, money. If you take the time to really look at the money you carry around, you will probably notice two things: most of it is dirty, and it also looks pretty weird. … Continue reading

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